Thursday, October 10, 2013

Awkward And Awesome Thursday

-I've cut bread out of my diet mostly. I'll still eat it sometimes. But it make my tummy most unhappy. It's hard for some of my friends to understand especially since they know how I feel about bread. It's usually not worth the pain.
-Speaking of bread and pain, Friday night I had to bail on date night with Tai. I stupidly ate some bread. So instead of watching Gravity, I was curled up in the fetal position in bed.
-The ridiculous amount of money I spent at Costco this week. I'm glad we are Executive members. I'm looking forward to that 1% check we get back.

-Marta moved back from Las Vegas! Yay for one of my besties being local again!
-We got a new tv and a Roku. I love being able to watch tv on something larger than Tai's laptop.
-I bought a Sodastream. I love it. 
-I did the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk with my friends Erin and Sean and their two kids, Finn and Winnie. Such a easy walk and we had a beautiful day, hanging out in the sunshine. 

What's been awkward and awesome for you this week?


  1. So about that movie we missed last Friday...
    Any chance we can try this weekend?

  2. Also, I think your Roku experience at Costco was both awesome and awkward. Well you were mostly awesome, for all the 'tech' savvy guys standing around-awkward.

  3. So sorry about the bread! I did an allergy elimination diet once and it made me very very grumpy to cut out wheat, caffeine, dairy, and sugar from my diet. I remember snapping at my doctor and giving her attitude. Not proud of that. Best of luck to you!


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