Monday, October 21, 2013

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Duh, Rainbow wrote it so of course I had to read Fangirl. I am definitely a Rainbow fan girl. I've read all of her books in less than a year. How I am I going to survive til Landline comes out next year?

Anyway, Cath and Wren are twin sisters. They are headed to college but instead of being joined at the hip, Wren wants them to live separately and meet new people. This is not what Cath wants at all. Cath doesn't want to meet new people. She wants to stay with Wren and keep writing her Simon Snow fan fiction. Simon Snow is similar to Harry Potter, wizards and goblins. Cath is devoted to her Simon Snow fan fiction. Will Cath be able to adjust to life without Wren or Simon Snow?

I didn't immediately like Cath. She seemed a little whiny. But slowly I grew to love Cath. By the end I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend. Confession, I used to write fan fiction myself. I wrote fan fiction about The Babysitter's Club. I was very much into writing about a world I adored. So I could easily understand Cath's devotion to Simon Snow.

Levi. Levi. So wonderful. I adore the guys Rainbow creates. So amazing. I don't know how to explain Levi. He's understanding, kind, geeky, and thoughtful. I love how he insinuates himself in Cath's world.

Of course Rainbow's writing is witty and so engaging. There were references to She's All That and Twilight. I was laughing so hard through most of this book. All I had to tell Tai was that I was reading Rainbow (as he likes to say) and he knew that I wasn't crazy.

As with all of Rainbow's books, read it now. So funny, touching, and charming. Others who shared their thoughts on Fangirl: Once Upon A Prologue, Jenna Does Books, Perpetual Page-turner, The Starry-Eyed Revue, and Estella's Revenge.

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  1. I'm really, really excited to read this one! I've heard nothing but amazing things on it and think it's one I'll love as well. And I used to actually write fan fiction as well, but surprise, surprise it was about the Backstreet Boys.


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