Thursday, December 11, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-The laundry. I've been to busy to make it all the way through our pile in months. I now feel like this:
-The amount of books I've been reviewing < The amount of books I've been reading. Hopefully that will change. 

-As I mentioned last time I did an Awkward and Awesome post, I was close to 2 goals. One was paying off my debt which I did last month. Yay! I had that beast since college so I was glad to finish it off. I'm so thankful to Tai for helping me make it happen.
-My other goal is weight loss. I'm 5 lbs from my first goal weight. I'm hoping to be there by my birthday in January. I want to celebrate with some new pants. 

What's been awesome and awkward in your life lately?

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