Monday, December 22, 2014

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

I picked up Open Road Summer off the library shelf because it looked good. Wow, I was blown away by Open Road Summer. Far exceeded my expectations!

Country music star Lilah Montgomery is going on her first headliner tour. Her best friend, Reagan, tags along. Mostly because Lilah thinks she'll be bored but Reagan needs a new start. I loved Lilah. She was sweet and funny. She totally reminded me if Taylor Swift. Reagan's more prickly. She's been hurt and fears being hurt again. I adored how close the two girls were and how they cared about each other. And then there's adorable Matt Finch, another musician, who joins Lilah's tour. Reagan's interested but Matt appears to be a little more straight-laced than Reagan's used to. Matt is so swoon worthy though. I enjoyed his scenes a lot :)

Overall, Open Road Summer was a blast to read. The characters were relatable and genuine. I really enjoyed reading Open Road Summer and look forward to reading more by Emery Lord. Others who shared their thoughts on Open Road Summer: YA Love, Good Books & Good Wine, Confessions of A Book Addict, and What A Nerd Girl Says.

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  1. I've only heard good things about this but I never snagged a copy from the library this past summer. I may make it a goal to read next summer. :)


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