Friday, December 26, 2014

Pride and Precipitation by Heather Horrocks

I had Pride and Precipitation on my Kindle from a free ebook buying spree. Since my first choice for the weather category of What's In A Name didn't work out for me (The Scent of Rain and Lightning), I scrambled around for another choice. I requested a few books from the library but I was concerned that I wouldn't receive them in time. So I started digging through the books I own. Pride and Precipitation was a cute story and a quick read.

Breezy Jones loves her job as the on air meteorologist for her local tv station. Her dad was the meteorologist previously so Breezy inherited her love of  weather from him. Things are going well for Breezy until Noah Drake comes to town. Noah is the new general manager and has been tasked to shake things up. Breezy with her small town girl charm is one of things that upper management wants to change.

I immediately liked Breezy. She's smart and not easily swayed by a good looking guy. Noah has a history of firing people when he shows up. It's not insta-love for these two which I liked. They liked each other but tread carefully and spent time getting to know one another. This is Christian fiction but no religious talk. In fact, I don't think church even comes up. But the story is definitely wholesome. Breezy's got a group of female friends that she spends time with. I enjoyed their interactions and would read the rest of the series to find out what happens to them.

Overall, I enjoyed Pride and Precipitation. It was a good, heart warming read. Others who shared their thoughts on Pride and Precipitation: The Reading Cafe, I'm A Reader, and Bubble Bath Books.
This satisfies the weather category for What's In A Name Reading Challenge.

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