Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekend Cooking: Favorite Kitchen Items

I've been wanting to gush about some of my favorite kitchen items for a while now. Today seems like the perfect time. In case you are looking for any holiday gift ideas for the cook in your life.

First up my favorite pans. I have three that I love.

Tai got me this Calphalon 5 quart saute pan a few years ago. I wanted it to cook chicken in but after a few failed attempts I boxed it back up.
I was really used to non-stick pans. But this pan wasn't non-stick. One day when making steak, I decided to give this pan a try. Here I really learned its value. It sears beautiful. I use it for most things now. A little bit more fat keeps things from sticking. And a baking soda scrub helps remove all the stuck on food.

I loved the 5 quart but it was a little big for some dishes. I bought this Cuisinart fry pan at Marshall's. It was a lot cheaper than Amazon but I had been looking for one for several months.
Again it's not non-stick. But I've learned how to baby it.

Both of these are investments but I believe I'll be using both of them for several years.

For non-stick needs, I bought this skillet at World Market.
Very reasonably priced. I don't use it as much as the other two so it's held up well.

My other favorites fall into the accessories category.

I'm so glad I bought a microplaner. I have both the classic grater and the coarse grater. I like the classic for zesting limes and lemons.

I find the coarse one better for grating cheese like Parmesan. But I think it's a matter of preference. Both would make great stocking stuffers.

And finally my vacuum sealer. I bought mine during a holiday sale probably about 5 years ago. It was $10.
I use it a couple of times a month. I'm sad that some day I will have to replace it. It doesn't suck out as much air as it used to. But I've gotten my money's worth. I'll definitely buy another Food Saver.

What are your favorite kitchen items?


  1. I definitely want a microplaner! And I would love a whole set of Calphalon pans. Love it! But think it's too late for me for this year. There's always next Christmas, though!

  2. All great gadgets. I love my food saver -- and I have an older model too. Hoping it lasts a few more years.

  3. I really need a microplaner! Wonder if Santa needs a last minute shopping suggestion ;-)

  4. This is great! I need some new pans, not Teflon. My favorite kitchen gadget is an immersion blender. I resisted for years, but finally bought one b/c it was needed for a special recipe. Now I use mine constantly - mostly for gluten free baking, but also for soups and other random things.

  5. I think my favorite kitchen item is probably my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Not that I used it that often, but I love what I can make with it!

    As for pans, we actually don't have a good, big non-stick one... although the boy did ask his parents for a Le Cruset one for Christmas this year, so I'm sure my answer will change here in a few days.


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