Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Beginning

I'd done online dating in the past with moderate results. I'd used eHarmony for a year and not met a lot of potential candidates. For me, meeting guys online was the best way. Most of my friends were married and didn't have a lot of single guys hanging around. When one was found, it usually didn't work out (I'm talking about, Mr Text Messager!). Online dating was easier. Lots of guys to choose from, clear pictures, and easy understanding of what I was looking for.
Before I met Mr A, I was hoping to meet the love of my life, but I really want more experiences. I felt that I had come to the dating game kind of late and I needed to makeup for lost time. Meeting guys in the real world was hard for me. If I liked someone they usually didn't like me back. Online, it seemed easier. I'd see a guy, email him, he'd email back. We might exchange a few emails and then meet. If online chemistry didn't translate into real life, then move on.
Right before I met Mr A, I was dating Mr Completely Wrong. He was a lot of fun, but no one I was going to marry. I'd just turned 30 and I was conflicted. Was it time to settle down or time to live life? After a little while, I decided that Mr Completely Wrong was just that. I choose to end that relationship and find someone to spend the rest of my life with.
I signed up for match and took a look at who was around. After a few weeks, I saw Mr A's profile. His picture was so cute. His profile was full of all sorts of things that I was looking forward. I winked at him and waited for a response. For about a week we emailed back and forth. He was so funny. I loved getting his email. He made me laugh. I really wanted to meet him.
Mr A had gotten a lot of emails from women from Russia. They were interested in getting him to get them visas. He wanted to make sure I was legit. We scheduled our first meeting about a week after we started emailing. We met at a Starbucks.
I got to the Starbucks a little early and grabbed a coffee. I was starving but not sure how this was going to go. He seemed so hesitant in his emails so I wasn't sure if he want to have dinner or just hang out. I was sitting there reading my book, waiting for Mr A.
I started to get a little worried. It was about time to meet and he wasn't there so I scanned the Starbucks and looked out the window. I saw a guy learning up against a car outside, smoking a cigarette. He kind of looked like the guy I was supposed to meet. I figured that he was going to finish his smoke and come on in. But he didn't. He stayed there like he was waiting for someone.
I had emailed Mr A earlier that day, saying let's exchange phone numbers in case one of us is late.
So I called him. I thought if this isn't the guy, then I'll hang up. But the guy outside answers his phone.
"Hi" I say
" Hi, how are you?"
" Good...are you going to come inside or do I have come out there and get you?"
Pause. "Are you here already?" As he rushes to the door. He comes in, laughing. He said later that what I said totally hooked him. I wasn't afraid, I was funny, and I knew what I wanted.
I remember that he shined, like the sun. His smile and his laugh hooked me.
"Let's have dinner" he said, hand outstretched.
I reached for it and didn't let go for the next five hours. We ate dinner, we had more coffee, he introduced me to one of his roommates. I didn't want the night to end.
After I finally drove home, he called me and told me that not going home with me that night was very difficult for him. He didn't want me to leave. I never want him to leave now (or then). I couldn't wait to see him again. And I've felt that way since that first night.
Completely sappy I know. But I'm in love with the most wonderful man!

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