Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wedding Stress

With about 10 months to go, I think I'm burning out. I'm so stressed out about the wedding it's not fun anymore.
My main problem is that I compare our wedding to Susie Wibblewobble's wedding. Susie is a fictional person that embodies all the things I feel that I lack. Susie has thousands of dollars to spend on her wedding. Her parents are millionaires, her husband to be makes millions a year, and Susie stays at home and wears Prada shoes. Susie has a caterer, a photographer, a wedding coordinator, and a florist. Susie has her whole wedding planned out. Susie's got her Save the Dates out and her invites on order. Susie sits at home and makes her knottie bio, full of pictures of her *perfect* wedding. I hate Susie.
I have no caterer or photographer at this point. Mr A would like to spend $500 to feed 100 people. Mr A doesn't feel that it should cost $1500 for a photographer. I'm not sure. I want someone to take good quality pictures of the wedding and parts of the reception. There's alot included in some wedding packages that I don't want to pay for. But I've seen some photographers that I wouldn't pay for at all. I begining to think that we'll have no photographer and just rely on pictures from our friends. Bad idea I know. And our friends will have to eat beanie weenie since that's all we can afford.
And honestly if they were our friends, truly our friends, they wouldn't judge us or complain one bit. What matters (and this is becoming my mantra) is that we get married and are happy together. Because after that one day, it's just me and Mr A.

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