Friday, September 21, 2007

Helpful Hints

From time to time there are things in this world that annoying the living crap out of me. Most people can be irritating or just annoying. But I'm going to help everyone by explaining how they can adjust their behavior and make the world a better place for me. This post could get a little long so I'll confine it to my 2 favorite pet peeves.
1. Not having a pen and paper handy when I'm going to give you some information. For my job I'm on the phones a lot. I answer the phone and I call people as well. My job has a myriad of annoyances but I'll keep my complaints of it down to a minimum.
Someone will call in and ask for some information and since that's what I do I give it to them. Often this involves giving them the number to another agency that might be better suited to assist them. I try to mail out information but sometimes it's better to give some information the phone. I'll respond by saying "Oh, you should probably call Such and Such agency. They could help you with that question. Their phone number is ...." The caller never has a pen or paper handy. I usually have to wait a few minutes while they get a paper and a pen. The thing is that people usually get huffy that I'm making them find a pen and paper.
Worse are the people who call for a number and don't have a pen and paper handy. And they usually ask for a easy number, one I have right in front of me, and they aren't ready to recieve said information.
People, have a pen and paper ready when you call anyone. It saves time and my sanity.
2. Not having your money ready when getting on and off the bus. I take public transportation. I do like to drive to work or pay for parking everyday. Public transportation is cheaper and I'm a fan of cheap.
In the morning, I usually have to wait for the bus. It's getting colder out so when the bus arrives I want to get on quickly. Quickly, people! There's always one or two people who don't have their bus pass or cash ready when they get on. They fumble for their wallet and ask the bus driver how much? Usually there is a line of people waiting to get on the bus and when people start walking forward, much like cattle, they have a hard time stopping. So there usually some shoving and people getting a little mad. Having your money ready before the bus arrives is a good idea.
In the evening I want to go home. I want to hang out with Mr A and get the past 9 hours behind me. I'm free and you don't have your 2 bucks ready. So you delay me. What were you doing the last thirty minutes that we were on the bus? If you're that one lady, you were sleeping on my shoulder. But come on, you pay when you get off. The driver told you and you had time to get your act together. Do it! Have your money ready when you get off the bus, people! If you aren't going to pay then run off the bus quickly.
Ok, I'll put the soapbox away for now. I might have to drag it out again later.

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