Saturday, September 8, 2007

The One Where we get the Reservations

On Tuesday, Mr A made the reservations for the wedding. He reserved the barn shelter and 3 campsites. On Thursday the agreement forms came. At the top of the forms it said reservations for the Artichoke Family. I was tickled. Look, honey, I said, we're going to the be the Artichoke family! Mr A stopped and looked at me. Wow, are you going to take my name?
My last name is nowhere as easy as Mr. A's. His a pretty common, easy to spell last name. My last name is constantly confused, always misspelled. I told my dad a long time ago that I would take my new husband's name in a heartbeat just to get rid of this one. My dad understands. He's not a fan of his last name either.
Mr A and I talked about how we were really going to do this. We're really going to get married. He said it finally hit him. Mr A suggested that we go out for dinner, so I suggested Chinese. As we drove to the Chinese restaurant, Mr A asked if we go could to another restaurant, the one we went on our first date. Mr A was feeling nostalgic, so I indulged him. We haven't been to this restaurant since we first started dating. Wow, the food has improved. I really think we'll be going back again soon.
I do have to share our first date story but that's for another post.

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