Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Montley Cast of Characters

When I envisioned my wedding, long before Mr A proposed, I could see my closest girlfriends up there with me. Over the years, the number and the people have changed. Yes, I used to promise people, of course you’ll be in my wedding. Now, I don’t even talk to half of those people! In the past couple of years the friends I thought would be bridesmaids has dwindled. I think at one time I thought I would have 7 or 8 bridesmaids. But now for the real thing, I have 2 bridesmaids. Two of my closest friends: Mrs W and M.

I’ve known Mrs W for the past 7 years. We’ve gone dancing together, gone on trips, seen numerous concerts, gone through her wedding and we’re halfway through baby number 2. Mrs W is like the sister I never had. Like me, she’s an only child. We grew up with similar family styles and have similar issues.

I met M through an old childhood friend. M does not remember our first meeting-something I never let her live down. I think I’ll have to put in my wedding speech, hehehe. But M and I became fast friends. We love to go dancing, bargain shopping, and gossip about celebrities. She’s incredibly sensible something I’m not always. She’s careful and thoughtful. Just such an amazing person with so much style.

I’m so excited that these two girls are going to be my bridesmaids. Actually matron and maid of honor.

Mr A tried to talk me into adding a few girls to even up the sides. Nope, I wouldn’t budge. He’s having 4 groomsmen, the aforementioned J, JT, Mr Kickboxer, and the English Dude. He thinks it will look funny and lopsided. I don’t think so. If it does who cares? You aren’t supposed to be looking at them. You’re supposed to look at me, THE BRIDE!!!!

Anyway, I love Mr A’s groomsmen. These are the true slaves. I won’t be there to set up that day so these guys have to move tables and set up everything the way I want. Mr A has told them that part of their responsibility is to do my bidding while he sleeps off his hangover.

So here’s a little information on these slaves:

J, our professional dance instructor, was Mr A’s roommate when we met. I like J. He’s a good guy, extremely sarcastic, but incredibly generous. He used to cook Mr A dinner every night!

JT is our prankster of the bunch. Halloween, his favorite holiday, is coming up. I cannot wait to see what he’s got in store of us this year. He’s the King of Dress Up. JT is the master of the grill. He loves to cook and I love to eat the food he makes. And until we got our own Wii, I loved to play with JT’s Wii.

Mr Kickboxer is Mr A’s long time friend. I love to imagine Mr A and Kickboxer as little kids, growing up in North Hollywood, being little rebel rousers. I wish Kickboxer lived closer. Actually I don’t. He’s a great guy, but he’s so into kickboxing. He wants Mr A to take it up too. I’m all for Mr A to get more exercise but I’m worried that he could seriously hurt himself. Mr A’s got bad knees.

Mr A met English Dude through his last job. English Dude is from England and races bicycles. He’s extremely opinionated and sometimes we don’t get along. I have to learn that sometimes he says things in jest. I just don’t feel so sophisticated with him and his interior decorating wife. I feel kind of silly competing with them. But they love Mr A so much and he thinks they are great. I must be missing something.

So those are the peeps that are party of our wedding party. Oh, all those boys are married, ladies. Hopefully they’ll be good examples for Mr A.

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