Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Couple of Dancing Fools

One of our favorite activities is searching through youtube for interesting videos. I really like fan videos so we look for ones related to movies and tv shows we like. Mr A found one for Far Away using footage from Lord of the Rings, one of our favorite movies. This video always makes me weepy and I’m not a weepy kind of gal. I kind of think of Far Away as our song. I thought that he might want to use something different so I hadn’t really broached it. On our way home from our friend’s house on Saturday, Mr A decided that he wanted Nickleback’s Far Away for our first dance song. I had actually hoped he’d want to use that song but we hadn’t really talked about it. In all the other things that we had to settle on, our song seemed like something we could wait on.

Sunday, Mr A saw his one of the groomsmen, who is a professional dance instructor (J). Mr A asked J to help us create a dance to go along with the song. J says we picked a good song and it should be easy to come up with something. Mr A really wants use the dance from Final Fantasy 8 which J says is too short and he’ll incorporate it in to the total dance. J says we need to start practicing immediately so we’re ready by July. He wants us to look good. J says couples come in a week or so before their weddings which isn’t enough time to learn anything. He does not want us to be one of those couples. Mr A and I have talked about taking dance lessons but never actually followed through. It will nice to learn how to dance (not just bump and grind). And we are so fortunate to have J able to actually teach us.

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