Monday, July 7, 2008

Finally! An Inspiration Board

With the help of Mosaic Maker, I made an inspiration board:
For some reason this was really hard. I wanted to add so much more but had a hard time narrowing things down. But I guess this is start. Most of these things should look familiar. Most of these pictures have been on my blog before!
I'd like to try again. Any helpful hints?


  1. That looks good. I kinda want to mess around with the pallate maker to have the computer decide what our wedding colors are.

  2. It looks nice! You should definitely show off any more you make.

  3. Very nice board!! Can I "borrow" the pic of your blue flip flops to put on my blog?? I found my own and am writing about them and wanted to post the pic of yours to show what my inspiration was!!

  4. Have you tried Polyvore??? It's pretty easy to use, and you can put as much stuff in there that will fit. You have to kind of play around with it to really figure it out, but if I can do it then I'm sure anyone can!!

  5. looks like it is going to be a beautiful wedding!!!


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