Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shapewear Review

When I tried on my dress last month and it was a little snug, I headed out to buy some shapewear to help the situation. First I bought the Sensational Shaper by Assets.
I don't know if I bought it too big or what but it is comfortable and doesn't suck a damn thing in. I would wear it if I was looking to smooth out the bumps or wanted a dress or shirt to lay flatter.
So I bought these at Avenue. They work pretty well. Definitely sucks in a little bit. And it does not roll down at all. These are comfortable but I hope not to wear them on my wedding day. I'm hoping it will be warm that day and I won't want to wear an extra layer. Hopefully the DDR helps!


  1. I bought some Spanx, and I *heart* them. :)

  2. I wore something very similar to that 2nd picture under my dress. Definitely seemed to help smooth things out.

    Of course, that was in May and it was 50 degrees, so the extra layer wasn't an issue...

  3. I may be needing something like this - but I'll need something with legs (like the first one) because my dress is a dropped waist. The only thing is: the legs part always roll up on me!!! Gar!! So if you find a good solution, let me know!


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