Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last DIY Project Done!

While watching Bridezillas, I finished up the signs for the wedding. Orignially I had thought I would use these:But I only bought two and thought I'd buy more later. But I never found more and since I needed 15 of them, it wasn't cost effective. So I headed Michael's to see what I could find and I found these lifesavers!I bought 2 of these 3" models and one of the 5" model. So easy to use and completely solved my problem. I adheared them to the backs of the signs.So here they all are, ready to go!
I'm done. I won't be tying ribbons on things the night before the wedding! Yea!


  1. Finished!?!?! Wow!
    The signs look good. I'm sure you're happy to be done.

  2. Aww, cute! I can't believe you did that while watching Bridezillas. If it had been me, all the little signs would've had puncture marks in them because that show makes me feel sort of stabby.


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