Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting Ready for a Wedding

Ok, here's the complete recap of the wedding. Starting with Saturday morning. I'll break this up so it's not terribly long.
Friday night after I got home for dinner with girls, I had no trouble falling asleep. I usually can't sleep when Tai's not home. I thought I was going to have to a sleeping pill. I was pretty happy to get a full night's sleep. I hadn't been sleeping well with my cold and all.
So Saturday morning, at 7am, I was awaken by my mother-in-law. She was calling to let me know she was up and ready to get going. I let her know that nothing was going for several hours and I would call her later. About an hour later, when I fell back asleep, she called again. I let it go to voicemail (sorry!). I needed a couple more hours of sleep.
Around 10am, Ashley picked me up to take me to get our nails done. Ashley and I relaxed for about an hour while we got pedicures and manicures. It was nice to have some relaxing time and to hang out with Ashley. Unfortunately in this process, I haven't had lots of time to just hang out. Ashley took me to get some snacks then home to finish getting ready for the day.
Marta came and got me around noon to go pick up the flowers from Whole Foods. We got the flowers and the cakes and went to the hotel to get ready. My aunt let us use her hotel room to get ready (such a relief).
After lunch, Tammy came and did my hair and makeup.She used to do hair and makeup professionally in California. Now she just does it for friends. It was great to have a friend do this for me. Since we didn't have a trial, she started early in case we had to make changes. But everything went wonderfully!
Tai called me to check in. He needed to make some changes to the set up and wanted to check in with me. I told him to do what he needed to do.Here we are deciding to get ready. We decided that Marta should get dressed before I get dressed. Sorry no half naked photos of me! I kicked the photographer out while I put the dress on.
We took some shots before leaving the hotel. This on the balcony outside of the hotel room. Then we took some photos in the lobby. Here's me and Ashley. I think this is a good one.
Then Marta and I. I like how garden-y the lobby is. I'm glad we got some good shots.
Then my mother in law and I waited for the van to take us to the site. This was nervous moment number one. While waiting, I started to get a little nervous. I headed to the bathroom alone to attempt to potty and hopefully calm down. When entering the restroom, I ran into Marta. She helped me calm down and use the restroom. While we were primping, a woman came into the bathroom and saw me in my wedding dress. She congratulated me and then told me I should run. She advised me to say heck, no! I ignored her, left the bathroom and got on the van (which arrived while I was in the restroom). Who gives that kind of advice to a stranger?
I was very calm during the ride to the site. I'll continue the story tomorrow. This is getting long.
*All photos taken by Andrew Sengul.


  1. That hotel lobby provided a nice back drop for pictures. I love the flower in Marta's hair, very cute! Looking forward to the rest...

  2. Looking forward to the rest! Thanks for all the recapping. Especially the "What went wrong".... I'm sure things will go wrong on our day, hopefully they'll be kind of like yours and not be a big deal.

  3. Wait, she told you to run, as in "don't get married"? WTF is wrong with people??? I mean, I'm sorry that she's a bitter divorcee but that doesn't mean she needs to project her issues onto you. Sheesh.

    I'm sure my MIL would've called and woken me up on the big day if she'd had my number. Ha.


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