Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ok, I Gave It Another Try

Riley encouraged me to try Polyvore, which everyone loves. I tried it once and couldn't get it work. It made me mad in fact (totally irrational I know). I wrote it off, but after Riley mentioned it again, I decided to have another look. And this time I think I was successful.So I just went with my wedding look. I really like Mary Kate's (or is that Ashley?) smoky eyes. Somehow combine that with JLo's fresh faced look. And then combine the pretty blond's hairstyle with Kiera's hairstyle. Yeah kind of a mismash huh?
It was easy as long as I used the photos in their archive. I tried to take photos from other places and it didn't work too well. Any tips?


  1. Watching their little tutorial helped me. I found you have to be in Internet Explorer (not another browser) and you have to save "Clip to Polyvore" to your "Links" tab that is to the far far upper right of your screen. Then, when you're on a website that has a pic you like, go to the "Links" click on "Clip to Polyvore" which activates it, and then put your cursor over the pic. It should then be outlined, and you can click on it and save it to Polyvore.

    It's probably not the easiest out there, but it's nice that you can use as many pics as you like. I still haven't figured out the in's and out's, but like I said, it gets easier the more you play around with it.

    By the way, I really like your wedding look!! I think your hair is going to be awesome! I love both looks and think they'll combine well. I can't believe your wedding is so close!

  2. I struggle with making my own inspiration boards. As long as it helps you put things together, thats what counts! Oh, and I tagged you!


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