Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Went Wrong?

I'm interrupting my recap to tell you the things that went wrong. Before I begin I would like to explain that none of these things "ruined" my day or even caused me any stress. These are things that went less than planned. I know those of you that read my blog and your own weddings are still coming up sometimes worry about something going wrong. Rest assured it will.
1. Music. Remember how I painstakingly put together music for the pre-ceremony and the reception? Yeah none of that got played. Friday night, Jeff was getting the music selections together. I asked him, do you have everything? He said yes, I have all your music. I completely forgot about the pre-ceremony music. The next afternoon while I'm headed to the site is when I remembered. But I figured there'd be no music, no big deal. Nope, Jeff put some very traditional classical music on. No big deal, just more formal than I wanted.
2. The table set up. I didn't want a head table, but when I got to the site there was one. Not a big deal. I just didn't want to be segerated. Plus one couple was split up (the groomsman sat with us while his wife sat with some other friends). I felt really bad. I didn't want that to happen. In fairness, Tai called me while they were setting up and asked if it was ok to change my orginial table plan. I told him do what you gotta do.
3. The party ended way early than I planned. The campground host told us to turn the music off at 9pm when we thought we would only have to turn the music down. And once that happened, people started leaving. It didn't help that the front gate was being locked about that time too. it kind of sucked but I was so tired by then I really didn't care too much. The time went by so fast I couldn't believe that it was 9!
Like I said, none of this ruined the wedding. It was more like oh, that's a bummer.

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  1. Good attitude. Things are bound to go wrong, details forgotten. But if you are resigned to that, and keep yourself grounded, the little things aren't as big of a deal as they could be!


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