Thursday, July 31, 2008


After the wedding was over, Marta graciously offered to take our gifts home so we wouldn't have to worry about them at the campsite. I got them from her a few days later and Tai and I had fun opening all them. These are the ones that came from the wedding.
And here they are all opened. We got a lot of stuff off of our registry which was cool. I now have an entire set of new towels. Yea! Tai was a little disappointed there was no PS3s or XBox 360s in there.
Overall, I was pleased with It was easy for me to use but I think my guests misunderstood how to use it. Plus I heard the site was down frequently. I would use them again but encourage people more to contact me with questions. I felt a little bad about telling people how to use it. I didn't want to instruct people how to buy us gifts!


  1. I'm still hoping someone gets us another game off our registry. For our shower someone got us God of War and it was fun for both of us to play (though I totally finished the game).

  2. Yeah, I would feel awkward telling people how to buy us gifts too. I'm glad it all worked out though!
    Looks like you got quite a lot!

    So how are things going this week after the big wedding?? Do you feel like a weight's been lifte off, or a little like a kid the day after Christmas?


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