Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have a Favor

So before the wedding, I wouldn't tell you what our favors were. I knew that some of my guests read this site and the favors were one thing I kept a secret. But no more!
We gave our bottle openers (church keys as we like to call them). I bought these at the dollar store and added our tags to them. Very easy and wonderfully useful favor. There's a magnet on one side so people can put them on their fridge for easy access.
I had gotten the idea early in the planning process from $10,000 Wedding.
We're not really wine drinkers (well, Tai's not) and most of our friends drink beer and other liquors rather than exclusively wine. But I loved the idea and made it our own.
The morals of the story are a) the dollar store is a marvelous place and b) sometimes ideas need to be tweaked in order to fit you and your wedding.


  1. I like calling them Church keys. Too funny.

  2. That is a very cool favor - unusual, but useful and just cool!

  3. these look great and the magnet makes them super useful


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