Thursday, July 15, 2010

More About Me Meme

1. What curse word do you use the most?  Fuck

2. Do you own an iPod? Yes plus I have an iPhone.

3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most? My dad. I talk to him once a day.

4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed? Uh yeah. His name was Todd and I thought he was so cool. He was a football player back when I was into football players (basically all of high school & college)

5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01? Let's see living in Issaquah and working in Bellevue.

6. What was the last movie you watched? Watched Paper Heart this week.

7. Has anyone ever called you lazy? Yup.

8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep? Yes, on Sundays I take a sleeping pill cause my sleep cycle gets screwed up on the weekends.

9. Has anyone told you a secret this week? Um, no.

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? arms, chest, shoulder area.

11. What are you looking forward to? Chocolate making class on Saturday.

12. Do you own any band t-shirts? Plenty.

13. What will you be doing in one hour? Sleeping

14. Is anyone in love with you? Gosh, I hope so :)

15. Last time you cried? Last Friday.

16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop? desktop but have a laptop for work

17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? I'd love a tattoo but hubby is pretty anti-tattoo

18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos? Yup, I love tattoos.

19. What were you doing before this? Writing tomorrow's post (Yes, I write my posts in advance!)

20. When is the last time you slept on the floor? Lynn's bachelorette party!

21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function? 7 to function but I prefer 8-9.

22. Do you eat breakfast daily? Yes, I've really noticed that it makes a difference in my energy levels and keeps me full til lunch.

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  1. I've woken up a few times on the floor too!!! I did a whole scrapbook page about your #1...I love that word because it can fit so many emotions!


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