Thursday, July 29, 2010

Portland: Part 3-Voodoo Donuts

Ah, Voodoo. If I had one place I could have gone in Portland it was to try Voodoo doughnuts. Voodoo seems to be the place where strange doughnuts got their birth.
And since I love Frost doughnuts, I wanted to compare.
This made me laugh so hard!
Every time we saw someone with a pink box we believed a Voodoo to be nearby. But we only found the one we went to (the original). I know there were other locations.
This is kind of their trademark. They had undies with the same phrase on it. Hehehe.
The doughnut I came to try. The doughnut I waited an hour for. The  Bacon Maple Bar. Good. Although I like Frost's bacon better. Point awarded to Frost.
My favorite type of doughnut, the Cruller. Not as light and fluffy as Frost's. Point awarded to Frost. Frost 2, Voodoo 0.
The Marshall Matters. A plain doughnut covered in mini M&M's. Clever. Point awarded to Voodoo. Frost 2, Voodoo 1.
The Voodoo Doll. I think mine was cherry filled doughnut with a pretzel stake. Totally cute and yummy. Point awarded to Voodoo. Frost 2, Voodoo 2. It ends in a tie! Everybody wins!
What's your favorite doughnut? Do you like "odd" doughnuts or the more traditional kind?


  1. I love glazed twists... pretty ordinary, but they're SO good! Especially when they're still hot...

  2. This place looks like so much fun! One of my good friends is from Portland and I'll have to ask her about this place.

  3. Ah! I saw about this on Food Network, and I'm so jealous you got to go. I love the voodoo doll -- awesome!

  4. Those doughnuts look crazy good! I'm definitely craving a doughnut now!

  5. Voodoo Donuts! The bacon maple bar! Oh, I am so envious. I saw it featured on Man v Food and have been hungering for it ever since.

  6. That bacon maple bar was delish...and then made me sick about ten minutes later. Oh well!

    I nominated you for an award, btw. :-)


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