Friday, July 9, 2010

Organization Is Key

Have you ever packed up a box of clothes, shoes, etc with the intention that you'll look through it later? Have you moved and later found a box of clothes you forgot about? I "find" clothes all the time. Oh look I forgot that I had 6 teal tshirts and oops, I just bought 3 more! Oh I have a pair of silver sandals and I bought another pair. Forgetting what I own and buying more than I need is the biggest problem I have with my closet. One reason is that I can't always see what I have. And one place I was completely failing was with my shoes.
In our old place we had a tiny closet to put all our shoes. It was too small put a shoe rack or any other sort of shoe organizer in there. In fact it was the same closet we stored our luggage in. Finding stuff in there was a chore. So glad we don't live there anymore. But our new place has tons of space. Plenty of places to put shoe racks and get our shoes organized. I first experimented with these shoe racks.  Not a bad product but not made for lazy folks like myself. I would toss my shoes toward the rack and everything would fall. If I tried to make them fit shoes fell. It was a mess, so after a lot of searching I decided on these:
Four of them held all of Tai's and my shoes. His are the top right section. I swear I thought he had more shoes than that.
I love it cause I can see what I have. No more searching for the right shoes in the dark. No more stumbling over a pile of shoes by the door. Ah, I'm so happy that I can see all our shoes at once!


  1. I did this recently with our bedroom! I hated not ever being able to find my shoes or not remembering what I owned so I converted an old closet into a "shoe closet" with racks and organizers! You can see pictures in the master bedroom post! I absolutely love it and it is always a topic of conversation whenever anyone visits our house!

  2. I really really really want my own closet when we move. I want to be able to see it all. Shoe racks are tough- buty I like these- you can see them all and they look sturdy! Also could use any open cubbies for purses or accesories.

  3. I have those same racks for my shoes, although I picked the darker color. They have revolutionized my closet!

  4. I am notorious for buying things that I already have a few of, especially shirts and pants. This shoe organizer looks great. My shoes are in their boxes at the top of my closet and half the time I forget what’s what.

  5. don't you hate it when you find all of those things you forgot about!! Great organization going on there Linda!


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