Friday, July 2, 2010

The Basics

The Style Clinic preaches buying the basics and not spending a lot on them. The basics will be the foundation of most of your outfits. Depending on how you are your basics might be like mine. I work in a casual office. I can wear tshirts and slacks most days and not have a problem. If anyone dresses up (below senior management) people will think you are going on a job interview :) If you work in a more formal environment your basics might include dressier tops and button downs. The key is to buy what you can afford to fit your lifestyle.
After clearing out my closet I headed to Old Navy (30% off last weekend, baby) and bought a few tops in basic colors. When I am done with getting my basics I hope to at least have one of each of these colors:

I included some less plain tops to show that basic doesn't mean boring. Who has bought a wildly patterned skirt and not had a basic top to go with it. A solid color shirt can pull an outfit together. Your basic colored tops might be different based on your skin tone. I don't look bad in white but I am tired of staining them so I'll be passing on white for now. I tend to buy a lot of black so I'm being more conscious of buying other colors.
What about bottoms? Ok so you bought some plain shirts to go with your outrageously patterned skirts and stylish pants but what about those crazy tops? What do you wear with them?

I think everyone should have a pair of gray pants, khakis, jeans, a pair of black pants, a pair of brown pants, a pair of navy pants (which I forgot to find), and a black skirt. 
What are your essential basics?


  1. Black pants, jeans, a black dress, black and white tops, tops with bright colors, black dress shoes, black flip flops. I could (and have) gone on vacation with this combo. I even have a black thin cardigan to add into the mix!!

    (I do have other colors I wear too, just find that black is the easiest to mix with!)

    Hope you have a great weekend!!! Are you getting a long weekend for the holiday??

  2. black, black, black. I think you have to start with black and build up. I have 3 poairs of black slacks, black skirts for winter and summer, all styles of black shoes: flats, heals, boots, etc. Of course the black dress- but one for work, not a cocktail one. After I got all that I started building extras. I need to go get that book!

  3. I'm a basics sort of person too. I love the tops!

  4. My essential basics are different colored flip-flops, some nice t-shirts, and jeans.

  5. i'm totally a basics kinda girl!


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