Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BBAW 2012: Interview Swap with Write Meg!

I'm so excited to interview Megan of Write Meg! I've seen her posts on Weekend Cooking. I was excited to learn more about her. In exploring her blog, I discovered she loves Coke Slurpees too! I totally pinned her Sweet Potato Pie. I think I'll try it for Thanksgiving.

1. Introduce yourself. Tell me more about Write Meg!
Sure thing! I’m Meg, as you probably guessed, and I’m a writer and editor from Maryland. I work for three newspapers and love reading (of course), traveling, crocheting, photography and going on random adventures with my boyfriend and family.

My blog was born after I left my job as a Borders bookseller in 2008. I was searching for a way to stay connected with other readers and fill the hole leaving that job created—and once I discovered blogs dedicated to books, I was hooked.

2. How do you choose what you read? Do you plan out what you read in advance or just follow your whims?

Though I often follow whims, I do plan what I read from time to time—especially when I participate in book tours. If I don’t have anything on my schedule, I reach for whatever suits my mood. During the summer, I usually pick up “lighter” reads like women’s fiction. In the fall and winter, I’m more likely to choose some historical fiction or one of the classics. (Although I just finished Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘North and South,’ so that’s not always true!)

3. What do you find to be the best part of book blogging?

Definitely meeting so many other readers, and realizing we all share a common passion. I’ve “met” so many fabulous people through book blogging, both in real life and through social media, and can’t say enough good things about the community. I’ve also discovered so many wonderful books I would never have chosen without the gentle prodding of other book bloggers. Blogging has definitely expanded my reading horizons.

4. What’s the hardest part of book blogging?

Writing negative reviews, especially after exchanging friendly correspondence with an author. While I feel obligated to always be honest, it’s hard to give less-than-glowing reviews to books by authors you respect and admire. Still, it must be done.

5. What types of books do you avoid if any?

Science fiction and fantasy, mostly, though I have enjoyed a few novels over the years! Just not my cup of tea. 

6. What's your biggest bookish pet peeve?

When authors try to cram way too many characters into a single book! I call it Too Many Characters-itis, and it is a very serious book-related disease. If I can’t keep your cast straight without drawing a map, you’ve got too much going on. Similarly, I get annoyed when there are too many characters AND they’re too similar, which means I really have no hope of keeping them straight. I’d rather have one or two main people I really care about than a crew of ten that all leave me feeling cold.

7. I'm jealous of all your travels. What's your next destination?

You know, I’m not sure! Hitting New York City, California, the Outer Banks and Western New York in the span of three months has left me with little vacation time at work and a much lighter wallet. 

I’m dying to return to London, my favorite city, and hope to make a trip to the Pacific Northwest over the next year or so. I’d love to add more states to my visited list! I’m only at 18 right now. There’s so much of the country—and world—I want to see.

8. You've been blogging for a while (since 2008). Any advice for newer bloggers?

Write about subjects that you love—books, writing, food, TV shows—and your passion and enthusiasm will shine through. As a reader, I love getting to know a blogger while I’m checking out their book reviews. Personality is key, and it’s great to mix up book-related posts with some personal content (as you feel comfortable, of course). 

Remember your blog is your home on the Internet, no one else’s, and you may fill it however you like! Discuss what you love, post consistently and you’ll be successful. And it’s supposed to be fun, so don’t let it overwhelm your day-to-day life.

Thanks Meg for stopping by Silly Little Mischief and sharing more about you. Make sure to follow Meg's adventures on Write Meg!


  1. Great interview! I have to agree with having issues with too many characters in a book.

  2. Meg's blog is a total daily highlight for me, because she mixes book reviews with the personal side of her life. Which is so much fun. I love hearing about all her travels.

  3. I am a Meg follower (not even sure how I got onto her blog). Nice to read this interview and to discover your blog too.

  4. Great interview. I really enjoyed reading the two interviews back to back and getting to know two new-to-me book bloggers. BBAW is a great way to find book bloggers, that's for sure.

  5. love your advice for new bloggers.. though I have been blogging for sometime now, I still feel like a newbie many a time .. thank you...

  6. Meg is just great, isn't she? I love the personal content and gorgeous photos that she mixes in with her thoughts on books. She's just... genuine. Great interview!

  7. I enjoyed this interview and the companion interview on her blog!

  8. I've been a fan of Meg's blog for years :) Great advice for us all, veteran blogger or newbie.


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