Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Series I Haven't Finished

Top Ten Tuesday  is an original feature/weekly meme created  at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today's topic is those series that I haven't finished yet either because I didn't like them or I'm just procrastinating. 

I read the first book in this series. Just haven't gotten around to the second.
I read the first one 2 years ago and still have not gotten the second in the series. I enjoyed the first one.
I read the first in the series two years ago and just didn't enjoy it enough to continue. Sad cause I heard a lot of good things about it.
I had mixed feelings about continuing this series. I liked some of the characters but not sure if I liked them enough to continue.
Another one I was mixed on. I enjoyed parts of the Iron Thorn but still unsure about continuing the series. 
Another series I should be reading. Just haven't gotten around to it.
I really enjoyed the first one of this series. I just haven't gotten around to picking up the second. 
Again another one I enjoyed but I haven't gotten around to the second in the series or reading more Briggs.
Just didn't care for this one.
I know I read this one a few years ago. Sadly I remember the movie more clearly. I don't know why I didn't continue the series. I might have to start over. 

What series are you behind in? Is there a certain series you just couldn't get into?


  1. I would have ALL the series on this list--I'm terrible at finishing them. Well, except for Harry Potter and for some reason Twilight.

  2. Well about the Jemisin books, some old ones where there but it was pretty much a new book (2) And not as good

  3. Very cool list and I liked knowing whether or not you would continue with the series. I have way too many to start listing!!!

  4. As soon as I finish the two books I'm reading now I'm headed towards Insurgent (book 2 of the Divergent series, book 3 still unwritten (jokingly titled Detergent))


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