Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crate and Barrel Shopping Spree

As a wedding gift we got a very generous gift certificate to Crate and Barrel. I was very excited for my shopping spree and looked forward to getting some new kitchen gadgets. I knew some things I wanted off the website but I also wanted to allow for something to catch my eye. So here is the result of my shopping spree:

I'm so excited about my zester. I've always wanted one. I'll be buying some lemons in order to break that in. And I'm going to be getting rid of my dollar store colander and using this new one. I'm also super excited about my pepper mill. I love freshly ground pepper and have been using pre-ground pepper which doesn't thrill me as much as freshly ground. I bought more of our plates. I wanted 6 of each. And I wanted a silcone grip for my cast iron pan. It was fun wandering around C&B deciding what I wanted.


  1. We've gotten so many cooking racks. It is exciting as another present was 100 cookie cutters so we can have cookies for every holiday.

  2. I like your plates! Very cool!
    Looks like you got some really cool things.
    We're hoping to put our gift cards towards the purchase of a coffee table that Crate and Barrel has.


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