Monday, August 4, 2008


Here are my reviews for all our wedding vendors.
Transportation: Shuttle Express-A. I only needed a ride from the hotel to the ceremony/reception site. I reserved a van for 6 but only myself and my MIL used it. Shuttle Express was reasonably priced and easy to use. The driver was early and got us there safely. I felt the price was pretty reasonable. 

Florist: Whole Foods, Bellevue-A. I worked with Jim, the floral manager. He was honest about the flowers that would work best for our wedding. I didn't like their ribbon selection so I brought my own ribbon in. He did an excellent job. The flowers turned out really well and held up all day. 

Grand Events Rental-A. I was able to change our order the week before the wedding. Everything arrived in perfect condition. They dropped everything off on time and picked it up.

Venue-Tolt MacDonald Campground (King County Parks Department) B-They were super sweet when we reserved the site and sent the contract quickly. Some of our guests booked additional campsites and they had no trouble. 
The only trouble we had (and the reason I gave them a B) was the day of. The site was clean and ready for when we reserved it. Before we had been told that we needed to turn down the music at 9pm. But the campground host told us to turn off the music at 9pm. He was rude to a couple of our guests and he hovered until we turned off the music. 
I still would recommend the site but be aware that everything must be shut down at 9pm. 

Larry's Smokehouse-A. The tasting was amazing. We brought a couple of friends and Larry actually feed us dinner. No snack or little portion! In the days leading up to the wedding, they touched base with me a few times to make sure they had the right time, etc. They arrived on time to the wedding. Set up and feed everyone. The food was delicious. They left the leftovers in boxes, labeled with what the contents were. Wonderful vendor. Very easy to work with! Highly recommended!

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