Saturday, August 2, 2008

LOL my wedding photos

Everyone at work knows I love LOLcats. I read it almost everyday. Of course I had to LOL our wedding photos.
iz u done yet?
I was clearly done taking photos. Jill took this one and said Linda stop making faces!
hai. bride over here.
Another one by Jill. I was clearly annoyed that I was left standing about while the photographer got people together.
I was grabbing Tai's ass while Shoshana took this picture. I did that with several friend pictures.

I'm not sure why Shoshana is making this face or what was really going on in this photo. I asked Sho and she had no idea what was going on either.
Too bad I already sent out the thank you cards because these would rock as thank you cards. Perhaps as holiday cards. Hmmm.

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