Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time for Fall Makeup

It's getting close to the time where I start thinking about changing over to a fall palate. Truthfully I love fall colors. In the spring I crave pinks and aquamarine but by the end of summer give me deep purples and forest greens. I need to update some of makeup so I'm going to be making a trip to Ulta/Sephora soon.

That deep purple nail polish would be for toes. Man, I need a pedicure badly! I'm digging the smoky eye and that Too Faced Palatte says that it makes the smoky eye simple. I think that I need that!


  1. Yes, I'm going to be making an appointment to get a makeup trial done. I love those places. Truthfully, I try to stay away because I can always find 100 things that I "need" when I go there.

  2. You should check out the new OPI French line. I just got Louvre me or Louvre me not and it's a great shade of deep purple. It even works on my very pale skin.


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