Monday, August 11, 2008

Darn LBD!!!

I went dress shopping for Erin's upcoming wedding. Since her wedding is outdoors, I thought I would wear something light and casual. I bought 2 dresses but neither of them are going to work. I would have taken pictures but I didn't. Sorry!
So I looked online today for some ideas of where else to look and all I could find were black dresses:

I love Polyvore! I know you can wear black to a wedding but I really don't want to. So what do you all think? Go dressy (like a cocktail dress) or more casual (like a jersey knit dress)? Or wear a skirt and top and skip the dress?


  1. I'd go more casual for an outdoor wedding, if only so that I wouldn't overheat.

    And there's nothing wrong with a skirt and top.

  2. I'd go a little more casual for an outdoor wedding. Plus, you'll be able to get more wear out of the dress afterwards.
    I really like the dress in the bottom right corner from Very cute. But I know what you mean about black. Maybe if you did that dress and got a brightly colored shawl or wrap, it wouldn't be so bad.

  3. As the bride, I say Be Comfortable. Casual dress or skirt is great. Black is great. Hell, jeans are great if you don't mind getting yelled at by my mom!


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