Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Spend My Money Buying Shoes

Since I don't have a wedding to save for I have more money to spend on shoes. The other day I noticed that I have a decided lack of black shoes. I need some more.

I was bored and decided to play with Polyvore some more. I had a lot more fun with it.
And she didn't ask me but my friend is getting married in March and I decided to look at red shoes (her colors are cinnamon red, black, and ivory).

A lot of these shoes are completely the wrong color but still so wonderful! I love the Kate Spade Slingbacks!


  1. those Me Too Nevada 13 shoes are adorable and I love red shoes. Every gal needs one pair of sexy red shoes. My favorites are the Charmones in the middle!

  2. Mmmm.... I like the MICHAEL Michael Kors Alexandra Driver and those freakin' fabulous Christian Lacroix slingbacks!!!

    I hear ya about the black shoes. I have a pair of black pumps/heels that are starting to get little holes under the point of the toes... so sad.

  3. Those are very pretty, but I somehow doubt that Kris is going to be wearing heels quite that high at her wedding. She always worries about falling down in them, so I really doubt she'd want to chance it on the big day. Still, you found some really gorgeous shoes there.

  4. Polyvore is amazing! I'm digging the red heels.

  5. What are those sexies on the bottom right corner? Oh la la!


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