Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Trend I Somehow Missed

I've noticed a lot of girls wearing scarves a la Sienna Miller:Picture found here. I don't know why. It's summer. Even here in Seattle. Scarves are for winter. I'm not a fan of the lightweight scarf. I remember years ago people would wrap them around their waist. I guess they moved up in the world.
Sorry, just not a fan.


  1. I don't like scarves any time, but then again I have a fear of anything on my neck.

    Let me tell ya, finding a sweater that isn't a turtleneck is about impossible.

  2. I like them in the winter. When it's cold. I kind of like the look, to be honest, but by the time it's cold enough here in Texas to wear them, they'll probably be out of style! ;-)

    It's always funny to see these little starlets running around in "fall" clothes, but living in Southern California!!! LOL!! Maybe because they're so skinny, they're cold?

  3. I agree! In the summer, I want to LOOK like it's summer! Even if it's not hot- at least throw in some bright summery colors!!


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