Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's My Wedding Headache...

Centerpieces. In a word, this is my biggest headache. I don't know what to put on the tables. I wish we had the budget for these:
(Photo stolen from Chis on Picasa)Sadly, we don't. I'm having a real hard time coming up with an idea that doesn't suck. This is the inside of our venue.Yes, we are using those picnic tables. Plus renting some more tables because I don't these will be enough. So I have long tables to contend with. I would rather have round tables but we have rectangle so that's what we work with.
I really don't want candles and if I could find something besides flowers I would use that.

I think found this at Better Homes and Gardens. I don't know if you can see it, but there are artichokes in the arrangements. You know how I love artichokes.
I really like the low centerpiece, but in ivory. What color should I use for the stones? Brown, maybe a gray pebble color?
But if I go for these low centerpieces should I put more than one on each table? Two or three? I don't want a lot of clutter hanging around. Since we'll be serving the food buffet style, plates won't be on the tables. So the tables will look pretty bare. I do want to put a couple of baskets of napkins on each table. I go through napkins like nobodies business so I would appreciate having them handy.
Centerpieces will be a diy project so I don't want something too expensive. I hope some of you will give me ideas. I'm totally open to ideas!

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