Monday, December 31, 2007

Helpful Hints from an Unlikley Source

So I was searching for interesting ideas for our registry. I feel the need to update it and tweak it weekly. We have a lot of basic things on there (towels, sheets, kitchen gadgets) and some unique things (museum membership and game systems), but I want some more out of the box ideas.
Thanks to Google, I found Offbeat Registry Ideas from Bankrate. I had no idea that they had articles on weddings. I usually look at Bankrate for credit card information. But they had some good ideas. The museum idea was mentioned as was registering for camping gear. It reenforces the idea that you should put things that you and your fiance need rather than things you are expected to ask for. There also is some information on dealing with honeymoon and home downpayment registeries. So this very unlikely source has some good information. Have you found any good information from unlikely sources?

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