Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Up or Down? Ponytail? Tiara or Headband?

One question everyone loves to ask me is "How are you going to wear your hair?" Honestly I hadn't given it tons of thought. First, I figured I needed to decide on a dress. So, now I have the dress and I'm still not certain how I want to wear my hair.
Right now, my hair is about 5" past my shoulders. It's been in this holding pattern for over a month. If it's growing, it's so little at a time I can't tell. The last time I got my hair cut, the stylist recommended that I come back every 8 weeks for a trim. She said this should help my hair grow faster. My hair grew fine for a year before I got it trimmed, so I'm not sure if I believe her. I might go back in January anyway to get a trim because my hair is losing it's style (so it probably is growing).
I did find a few pictures of how I think I would like my hair:
I like these two but they are wearing their hair down. In the middle of July, I don't think I'll be happy with my hair down. I'll get hot and cranky. And no one wants cranky Linda.
I'm not a huge fan of the front of her hair, but I like the clip at the top. I won't be wearing a veil, so I need something up there. Well not really, but I want something pretty. I did buy a sparkly clip and ponytail holder.In fact, I did buy a couple of headbands too but I couldn't find them. I have no idea where they went. I'd like to wear either one of these sparkly items or one of the headbands provided that I find them.
M found this hairstyle which she thought would go well with my dress.
I agree and I love it. Especially the poof and the wispy bangs, but I'm not sure if my hair is going to be long enough in time. I don't want to get extensions. I'm sure seriously good ones are expensive. But I could do something similar, but my ponytail wouldn't fall over my shoulder like that. I'm planning on doing a hair trial in April so maybe my hair will be grown out by then or the stylist can give me some pointers.
What do you think? Do you like one of these or should I keep looking?

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