Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sweet Dreams...

Since Mr A and I have been together, our bed has been a source of problems. The problems make it hard for one or both of to get a good night sleep. Let me explain, as their are many sources of problems here.
I'll start with my bed. I say mine because I bought it before I met Mr A. It's a Select Comfort bed. It was the most comfortable bed I ever slept in (expect the one at the Westin...heavenly!). I bought it the first time I ever laid on it. I was very happy with my bed. Then Mr A arrived and slept uncomfortably on it until he decided to buy a Memory Foam topper for the bed. I was less than thrilled. Why mess with perfection? But Mr A insisted that he would sleep better with the Memory Foam so I agreed to try it. I don't know if it our memory foam or what but I hate that thing. It's slightly too small for the bed so either my head or feet hang off it (I'm a little too tall for the Queen sized bed anyway). But I could sleep on a rock so I make due.
Our problems don't end there. Before I met Mr A was a one pillow girl. I'm not one of those girls with fifteen pillows stacked on her bed. I had 3 pillows-one for sleeping and 2 for decoration/guests. Mr A came along and I bought him a pillow like mine. He didn't like it. He brought 4 more pillows over including his favorite tempurpedic pillows. But no those didn't help him get a good night sleep. So he bought 2 more pillows with the memory foam, supposedly better than his tempurpedic pillows. No those haven't helped him sleep better either. Sigh, I now have 9 pillows now. One for me and 8 for him.
Our latest frustrations are with the blankets. I have 3 blankets on the bed. 2 light ones and one heavy comforter. When I go to sleep I wrap myself up in all three. I try to share with Mr A but he likes to wrap himself up too. I think we'll have to go out and buy 3 more blankets to accommodate everyone. The ironic thing is that we both wake up without the blankets and they are either on the floor or at the edge of the bed.
But the real problem is that Mr A is an insomniac. He's battled insomnia for years. I, on the other hand, sleep pretty easily and I stay asleep for hours. I need an alarm clock so I wake up on time. Left to my own devices I'll sleep to noon. Ok, on the weekends, bad during the work week! Mr A hates my alarm clock and penchant for hitting the snooze button. He just nudges me out of bed after the first ring!
Any ideas on how to keep us both warm and cozy in bed without having a mound of blankets? Does your bed or his sleeping habits bother you?

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Catherine; I am a Select Comfort customer service representative. I am sorry to hear about the discomfort your “Mr. A” is having. The Sleep Number bed is designed to help couples enjoy a better sleep, not the other way around. There may be some things I can suggest to help both of you sleep better on your bed. If you are interested in hearing these suggestions, please email you and Mr. A’s height and weight, favorite Sleep Number, and whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper to

    Sleep Well,

    My Sleep Number is a 35


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