Thursday, December 27, 2007


On Sunday, Tai and I went to Whole Foods and as we passed a floral display, Tai stops. He points to something and says "Like this?". I turn and see that he's pointing to a corsage (who gets a corsage for Christmas?). I'm totally and completely stunned. He's asking me if that's how I want the bouts. Once I pick my jaw off the ground (the last time we talked about bouts was 2 months ago), we discussed the size and other features of these corsages. Wow, my honey is getting into wedding planning.
And it didn't stop there, Tuesday night we had a long discussion about caterers and photographers. We talked about what we wanted and how much we want to spend. Tai gave me the go ahead on contacting caterers and photographers. I have my eye on one photographer. I dropped him a line and have a meeting with him next week. Eeee! So excited!
And I finally decided on centerpieces. I know, you must be so excited! I've decided on lanterns!
My inspiration came from that photo on the top right from Faye and Greer. The bride and groom are carrying lanterns which I thought was so unique. And you know what happens to unique ideas? Other people steal 'em.
I went out and bought 5 lanterns. I figure I'll need about 60-70 of them, so I have to get cracking. I plan to look for some more over the weekend. I'm going for a very eclectic grouping-gas lanterns, oil lanterns, votive holders, etc. I'll take pictures of the ones I bought over the weekend and post them then.
It feels good to make some progress. I cannot wait to have the photographer and caterer nailed down!


  1. Lanterns are wonderful:) My sister had a winter wedding last year and she hates flowers so all 5 of her bridesmaids carried candle lanterns for their candle-light evening wedding. It was gorgeous!

  2. Ohhh congrats on getting decisions made on SO many things! And you a quite lucky to have your FI be so interested in at least talking about various aspects of the wedding! I'm jealous! Good luck on the rest of your planning!

  3. i love the lanterns! they are beautiful and i can't wait to see how they look on your vinished tables!


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