Friday, December 14, 2007

Mail Call!

I thought I would share an email one of my friend's sent me this morning.

Hey Linda,

I went on your wedding website and it says that you will be camping the weekend of the wedding. I thought you hated camping! Or were not a camper -- either one, seems weird youre getting married and camping during it.... Correct me if Im wrong please. Are you sure you dont need a hotel anemineties for the event?

Confused as shit,


Yes, you've read right. I'm staying at a campground during my wedding. Adria's right. I'm not a camper. I went camping once with a group of friends. It was one of the worst weekends ever. I'd just broken up with the guy I was dating and I went camping with couples! I just wanted to stay home and cry, not go whitewater rafting and camping with 2 very happy couples!
I've never been camping after that. Tai's not a camper either. He's been camping a few times but we own no camping gear. No tent, no sleeping bag, nothing! I've been looking for a tent but honestly that the least glamorous wedding related task I can think of.
When Tai and I were looking for a venue, he really wanted some place we could relax and hang out with our friends. I admit; I did want a traditional wedding venue ie a hotel or banquet facility. I remember talking to him about holding our wedding at the campground. He didn't think it was a good idea. He said unless we stayed there, it doesn't make sense. And I said of course we're staying there. His eyes light up and it was done. The next day we drove out there, took a look at the sight again and talked to them about reserving the site and 3 campsites.
Honestly, we are thrilled with our venue. We wanted to get married outdoors. I'm in love with the barn where the reception will be. The campsite is peaceful and relaxing. And that's how two non-campers decided to have their wedding at a campground.
But Adria's right. I do need a place to get ready beforehand. I will be renting a hotel room somewhere close by to get ready and hang out with my girls. I'm not sure what time I need to start getting ready though. I have some time to figure that out. I need time to get all beautified!

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