Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yummy Soup on A Cold Day

When I was at the doctor's office the last time, I had to wait a few minutes. So I perused Sunset magazine. Not my normal choice in magazine, but not a lot of choices at the doctor's office. Although they were all current magazines. And I found this recipe for Japanese One Pot Soup.
I was intrigued because Tai is half Japanese and he asked me to learn to cook more Japanese food. So I made it last night.Yet another craptastic photo! This soup is yummy and easy to make. Next time though I think I'm just going to use tofu since I wasn't a fan of the chicken. And Tai requested I put baby bok choy in there too. But the broth was yummy. Make sure you get fresh ginger. It really made this soup extra yummy. And I did use the bean noodles that the recipe calls for but I think you could use any other kind of noodle. Just don't over cook them first. They'll fall apart in the soup.
It's been freezing here. I wish it would snow. I hate it when it's just cold. Especially if I can't stay home and snuggle with Tai.

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