Sunday, December 16, 2007

I need more shoes!

I wasn't going to blog today. I thought I'd take a break. But I have too many thoughts rolling around in my head. I need to put them down somewhere. Mostly it's all wedding related stuff but today I'll start with shoes.
I bought these:Very cute and would have fullfiled my something blue requirement. But I don't think they look good with my pink dress. So I have to find something that goes better with pink. I need flats since I'm already taller than Tai.

I like these. Since they are Cole Hann Air sandals, they should be very comfortable.
I love these maryjanes. I think this adorable. I even like the peep toe. But I think these are too warm for July. These have a tiny bit of heel but still ok. I don't think they offer a lot of support. I think my feet will hurt quickly.Of course the obligatory expensive shoe, Dior's Metallic T-Strap. I'm not usually a fan of the t-strap. But for $530, I think these will stay where they are.
This is my favorite option so far. I love converse shoes. I own about 5 pairs of them. I would love to wear them on my wedding day. How comfortable! But then I have to deal with socks. I'm not sure if I want to do that. Plus they are $80. A little too rich for me. Converse shoes should be around $30!
I really want some sexy shoes. Most photographers take shoe shots, so I want my feet to look good. Of course I'll get a pedicure so I'll want to show that off. I'll have to keep looking for some sexy sandals. I'll show you what I find.

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