Friday, December 21, 2007

A Song to Remember...

I thought I would offer my advice to those looking for the right first song for their wedding. Luckily, Tai and I picked the same one. He's asked me to keep it a secret, so I will (I already mentioned on here so if you choose you can find out). But it can be tough and I see the same songs over and over. Probably just because it's easier to pick a popular song if you don't have a special song in mind. So here's my list of first dance songs to help those of you struggling.

Devoted to You by the Beach Boys. I love the Beach Boys. See the lyrics here. Also covered by Carly Simon & James Taylor and The Everly Brothers.

The Pussycat Doll's Stickwitu. Tai told me this song reminded him of me during our first weekend apart (I was in LA while he stayed home). He wanted to stickwitme. Sappy I know. But I think it's got great lyrics which you can read here. It doesn't look like anyone else has covered this recently.

Umbrella covered by Mandy Moore. I love her version more than Rihanna's. Here's the YouTube version:
I wish they had it on iTunes. Sadly they don't and Mandy didn't put it on her new album. Boo! The lyrics can be found here.

Rush, Rush by Paula Abdul. If I were 16 this would so be our first dance song. My marriage would also be illegal, but hey. Sadly no one has covered this song. Go here for the lyrics.

GooGoo Dolls' Iris. Tai and I were watching VH1's 100 Top Songs of the 90's and this song came on. Excellent song. Lyrics can be found here.

DJ Sammy's Heaven was a close second for our first dance. We both really like it. You can find the lyrics here. It'll definitely make an appearance at sometime during the wedding.

Movie soundtracks are good places to look for songs. What movies did you see early on in your relationship? What movies do you both love to watch over and over together?

I attended a wedding of a classmate from high school a few years ago and she used So This Is Love from the Cinderella soundtrack. The original Disney version. I'm going to catch some flack for this but that song is not appropriate for a wedding. Not the wedding of a grown woman. The original Disney version is the song an 8 year old wants in her wedding. If you love that song and want it as your first dance song then find a contemporary version like Tarah New's or Tokeli's. You are a grown up now, act like it.

Disney makes beautiful love songs-A Whole New World, Bella Notte, Kiss The Girl-almost all are available in contemporary versions. One of those should be suitable. The only exception should be if you are getting married at any Disney-related park or cruise ship. Then cheese it up!

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  1. I wanted to hear the Beach Boys song (since my fiance loves the Beach Boys) but I couldn't find it. I'm too cheap for iTunes, so do you know anywhere else to find it?


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