Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Since we're having an outdoor summer wedding, I decided I wanted to offer our guests fans to cool themselves. Originally, I thought I would do program fans:Source. But then we decided that we wouldn't do programs at all. So back to the drawing board.
I like these which I found here. On sale right now for $.99 each (minimum 24).
These are available at Oriental Trading Company for $7.95 per dozen (or $66.25 for 100) which isn't bad.Or these from the knot. I think these are my least favorite as well as the most expensive ($12.95 for 6 or $216 for 100).
What do you think?


  1. Another winner with fans... personalized Asian fan invitations are popular for weddings and are sold by ShindigZ party supplies.

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  3. I like number 3! You could always make fans too... here's a link how I made mine:

    We used them as programs too but you could always just create a design or a use a photo throw that on one side and a little quote on the other with your names and date on it!


  4. I like the middle 2. I say save some money and go with the cheap ones, none of your guests will care how much $ you spent, they'll just appreciate the thought in the summer. You'd probably be able to resell them on Ebay after the wedding anyway, or give them out as favors.

  5. Here's a couple options to battle that summer heat.

  6. I love the sea grass looking fans from OTC! Very cute!


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