Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I love Wedding Photos!

I blame Jessica from Tying The Knot for my addiction. Months and months ago, she mentioned that she read lots of photographer's blogs. I thought no, I won't start reading them. Nope, not me. Finally I succumbed. I started with Kate McElwee's blog. She's a popular one with a lot of the Seattle Knotties. Besides someone was always talking about their preview pics on the board. It would be easier if she was in my Google Reader. Oh, what a slippery slope. I now have 15 photography blogs on my Google Reader. That's not too bad, but I'm always looking for more to add.
To tempt you in adding some photographers to your blog diet, I'll share some of my favorites with you!
I'll start with Kate McElwee:This is a detail shot from a recent wedding Kate did. She's really good about capturing details.
Another one from the same wedding. I love how clean the photos look.
Ross James Photography. A new favorite of mine. I posted a picture of his recently and he commented on my blog. If you are in the Ellensburg area, definately check out Ross James!
I love the use of light here. The photograph looks so rich!I don't know anything about photography (oooh, pretty picture). So I have no idea how these photos looks so gorgeous. I assume it's in the skill of the photographer.
Tinywater. A Northern California photographer.
I know that this had some Photoshop help, but hello, gorgeous! She looks like she should be in a magazine. This is definitely frame worthy!
I love this one. It looks vintage, like they got married in a fairytale!
Henry Chan. New York based photographer.
I also love a photographer that captures the feeling. At the end, you'll have these photos to remember what you were feeling then. And sometimes it's a glance you didn't catch. Sometimes it's the way someone looked, that will remind you forever of that moment.I like Henry's honesty. His pictures seem to capture the true spirit of the day.
I know there are a hundred more popular wedding photographers out there. Ones that get mentioned every day on a hundred sites. But I prefer the quiet ones. The ones that take fantastic photos and share them.


  1. Hey everyone,

    Really enjoyed your blog site,

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  2. I'm a couple days late, but I loooved our wedding photographer, and there are some pictures on her site that make me want to cry:
    Starr Photo

    I also have to mention my friend Angie, who is brilliant and talented, but not local. (She lives in NY.)

  3. Linda,
    Thanks again for the plug! I'm so glad that you like them. And just to let you know, we do offer our wedding photography services any where in the Northwest.


  4. those are some great photographers! sorry i got you hooked!! :)


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