Monday, May 19, 2008

Update: 2 months

So two months from today is the big day. I can't believe we're at 2 months already.
1. My shower was over the weekend. I'll share a few more photos.This is half the room while I'm opening a gift.
Here's the other half of the room while I'm opening the same present. Not to brag, but I've already got all the thank you cards done and ready for the mail! I really wanted to do those quickly so I wouldn't stress over them later.
For Marta and Ashley I put a little bag of goodies together:
A brown pashmina, a red umbrella, a little pedicure set and a tote bag. Nothing extravagant; just a little thank you.
2. At the shower, one of Tai's friend's offered to do my hair and makeup. In LA, she used to do hair and makeup. Tai said she was quite good and he encouraged me to schedule a trial with her. I think I will.
3. Our rings have been delayed. I checked with the etsy seller last week and he said that there are some delays and our rings should be in the mail shortly. I'm getting nervous!
4. The invites went in the mail Saturday morning. I dropped them off on the way to get my nails done. Now, I can wait for RSVPs. I wonder who's will be first!
5. Jeff is still MIA so there has been no progress on the suits. I won't push the issue til after I get back from Vegas. But then we're going out and buying a suit, damn it!
I think that's it for now. Oh, I'm working on my something borrowed, something old, something new and something blue. I hope to post something on that this month.

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  1. Congrats on your shower! Looked like fun and what nice thoughtful hosterss gifts you came up with!


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