Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hair Inspiration

How to wear my hair on the big day has been something I hadn't figured out. I liked the picture that Marta sent me months ago:But if I was going to wear a veil, I think this would be a great hairstyle. But I'm not going to wear a veil. I want to wear a headband-preferably sparkly.

I like the front of this but I think the back is a little much.
I bought this today:

So this is my new inspiration. I like the little poof at the top. I think the updo looks great! I also really like the bangs. When I do a hair trial I'll post pics!


  1. I also like that updo!! I'm with you on the little pouf and the bangs - it's a pretty style, and I think it goes with the sparkly headband wonderfully!!

  2. Ohhh! I love the head band! Where did you get it? I'm prob doing a veil and maybe tiara, but this is sooooo pretty!

    (you can see I've had to catch up some on your blog!! hehe!!)


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