Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plus Size Bridal Stuff

Being a plus size myself it's kind of hard to find cute accessories and stuff. So I did a little digging and thought I share with you my findings.
Recently Torrid added a bridal line. Check out their dresses too. But they have these 3 panties. Great if you are looking for your something blue!
Cafepress.comA great selection of plus size tops customized with whatever sayings you want. This is where I got my mom's t-shirt. I was impressed with the quickness of the delivery. Plus there are sale codes for Cafepress floating all over the internet.
Lane BryantI assume their bridal line wasn't very popular. All these items are on clearance. Hurry, few sizes left.
Girls Of EleganceThis adorable UK shop has all sorts of plus sized items. From dresses to tops like the one above.

I love eBay. Ebay seller tinas_embroidery has plus sized hoodies and tshirts that can be custom embroidered for you. eBay seller stitchwizard82017 also embroiders bags and tshirts as well.


  1. All that stuff is really cute too! Good research!

  2. Ooooh, I love the blue ruffled panties!! So cute!

  3. Some of that stuff is really cute. I'm not totally sold on the Lane Bryant dresses, they don't seem to fit the models well at all.

    I think dress shopping must be a pain.

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