Friday, May 16, 2008

Pretty Maids

Over the weekend, Marta and I did a little shopping and started talking about the big day. I don't want to put any extra pressure on either them of to look any different than the usually do. Both Ashley and Marta are beautiful so I just want to highlight their natural beauty. Source. I love how fresh this bridal party looks. I hope for something similar.
Source. I love how the red and orange pop against the brown.Source. I love that all have the same necklace. Kind of ties their look together. And the bridesmaids have smaller versions of the brides bouquet. I pushed for that but we ultimately decided on different colors.Source. No offense to this bride, but I think this a little too matchy. Did they all decide to wear their hair the same?
So I think we'll be going for something more like the first photo. Casual and happy.

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  1. I'm like you - I want each of my bridesmaids to look pretty. I'm going to let them do their hair however they'd like to, and there are 3 different dresses I'm letting them choose from (same color, different style). But I think I'm going to make them each a necklace that they will wear, so that will "match".
    I think more natural/casual and happy is definitely the way to go!


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