Friday, May 2, 2008

Songs to do the 8th Grade Shuffle to

Unless Tai and I start practicing our first dance, we are going to doing the 8th grade shuffle. I still think there's a good chance we will even if we did take dance lessons. I know I'll get nervous and forget where my feet go.
So the other day, I posted a list of songs for the reception and I said I needed to find more slow songs. I thought I would share some that I'm going to add. Since I know this is always a struggle for a lot of brides, hopefully it helps someone.

I'm on an 80's kick so forgive me. How about Debbie Gibson? I think I did the 8th grade shuffle to this song already.

When Marta looked at my list, she noticed there was no Madonna. So let me fix that and gain another slow song!

I apologize for the cheesy Sims animation on this one. I couldn't find a better one. Another knottie mentioned that God Only Knows by The Beach Boys was her first dance song. I don't know how I could forgot this song? First I love the Beach Boys (first concert I ever went to) and it's from my favorite movie-Love Actually! Duh, that got added 2 seconds after I realized it!

Back on my 80's kick, the Bangles' Eternal Flame. Who didn't do the 80's grade shuffle to this back then? I love the Bangles. Look for more Bangles favorites to enter the reception line up.

Cindy recommended Heaven by Warrant. I already have Heaven by DJ Sammy on the list. But I figured I would add the Bryan Adams version. What do you think? Here's Bryan's version for comparison:

Ah, Youtube. What did I do without you?
I might add more songs later. Let me know if I missed any other great slow songs.

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  1. Ooh, I despise the 8th Grand Shuffle! Practice, practice,'ll def. help :)


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