Monday, May 12, 2008

Invitations: What a Pain In The Ass!

Here they are. All addressed and ready to go. I finally decided on the Honey Script from dafont. I think they look great. But what a pain in the ass. I ran each envelope through the printer by hand. Sometimes the printer decided that it didn't like my formatting and made it's own. At the beginning the printer decided to print in bright blue. Regardless of what I told it to do, it liked bright blue. Bright blue doesn't go with my color scheme.
I was nervous about running out of envelopes. We ordered 75 invites and 100 envelopes. At one point, Dad asked if I could run to the store and buy more. He was really afraid that I would run out. But we got them all done save one invite that I just realized I forgot to type up.
I'm going to close them up and stamp them tonight, but they won't get mailed til Friday or Saturday. Yea!


  1. how exciting! what a great thing to have finished!

  2. I had the same problem with my printer! Sometimes it would print at the top of the envelope.. or at the bottom. I had to do each by hand too, because some would get stuck. I don't know how many I wasted, but I'm so glad I got extras!


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